Black Unicorn Embroidered Plimsolls for Boys & Girls


Black Unicorn Embroidered Bar Plimsolls for girls and boys for ages 6-7 years


Products Description

Hook and loop tape strap fastening
⦁ Embroidered unicorn detailing
⦁ Padded insole
⦁ Lightly gripped sole


Girls-12, Girls-13, Unisex-slip-in-1, Unisex-slip-in-11, Unisex-Slip-in-12, Unisex-slip-in-13, Unisex-slip-in-2, Unisex-slip-in-3, Unisex-slip-in-4, Unisex-wrap Strap-13, unisex-wrap-strap-1, Unisex-wrap-strap-11, Unisex-Wrap-Strap-12, Unisex-Wrap-Strap-3, Unisex-wrap-strap-4


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