Crayola Pip-Squeaks Mini Washable Markers


About this item
14 mini markers made with washable inks and come in an assortment of bright colours
Small and chunky, they are ideal for little hands
Mini pip squeaks are designed with long lasting nibs
Age 3+

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Product description
Size:14 pack

  • This pack of 14 Crayola Pip-squeaks Mini Markers in assorted colours, contains felt tip markers in small sizes, making them ideal for little fingers.
  • Each of these high quality markers provides intense colour, has a crush-resisting, long life nib and chunky easy to hold barrel. Crayola’s Pipsqueaks also contain washable inks.
  • This pack of 14 includes 12 bright colours, including: Black, grey, light brown, brown, lilac, cerulean blue, blue/violet, blue/green, green, yellow, orange, carnation pink, violet/red and scarlet pink.
  • These Crayola Pip-Squeaks Mini Marker pens ideal for creative kids who enjoy arts and crafts such as colouring-in books and drawing at home, school or nursery. Suitable for children aged 3.


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