Sistema Large Split Rectangular Container


Set includes:
2 x 2Lt Lunch Cube Max.
2 x 150ml Yogurt Pots.
2 x 385ml Skittle Drink Bottles

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Versatile Lunch Cube Max lunch box has a large sandwich compartment, plus smaller sections to keep food items separate and fresh.
Sistema clips are both secure and easy to open – perfect for school, long days out and about or the office
Yoghurt Pot features seal-tight screw-top lids that are ideal for yoghurts, dips and snacks
Made in New Zealand; Phthalate and BPA-free plastic
Top rack dishwasher-safe; fridge and freezer-safe; microwave-safe without lid
Customer may receive of the following lid colours: Blue or Teal

From the manufacturer
Children To Go and Hydration Pack
• This set is great for back to school or lunch on the go with 2 x Sistema Lunch Cube Max, 2 x yogurt pots and 2 x 385ml Twist ‘n’ Sip drink bottles.

• The versatile 2Lt Lunch Cube Max lunch box features a large compartment that perfectly fits a standard sandwich, plus multiple smaller compartments to keep food items separate and fresh.

• 150ml Yogurt Pots feature seal-tight -top lids that are ideal for yogurts, dips and snacks.

• Sistema Twist ‘n’ Sip bottles have a unique lid that allows the bottle to be opened and closed without fingers touching the sipper tip – a more hygienic way to drink. Making it the perfect bottle for school, sports, picnics and days out.


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